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Tips for writing a good resume.

The temporary job market in Perth can be pretty cut throat. However, as the leaders in recruitment in Perth, we want to give to the best chance to getting the temp job you want.

    • Remember that your resume is a professional document and should reflect you in a professional manner.
    • Ensure that your resume is spell checked.
    • Make sure all of your content is up to date.
    • Most companies deal with resumes electronically so make sure your resume is typed and saved in a format that will be easily accessible. eg. MS word.
    • When including an email address, make sure that it is of a professional nature.

Writing a resume can be a daunting task because this document needs to convey you as a person to a potential employer.

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The first page of your resume is the most important. It should contain:

    • Name.
    • Contact numbers.
    • Locality.
    • Own vehicle.
    • Your employment status.
    • Your availability for an interview.
    • Your skill set eg. MS word, MS excel, typing.

The remainder of your resume should include but are not limited to your personal details, education and training, employment history, skills and abilities, career objective, interests, referees.

The above detail will give an employer your snapshot. Remember they may receive hundreds of applications.

Your education and training is important to list because this may give you a competitive edge over other candidates. Important things to include are your secondary and tertiary education, any relevant certificates, qualifications and training. These should be listed from the more recent then worked backwards chronologically.

Your employment history is crucial because it allows the potential employer to see if you posses the required experience for the position that you applied for. Your employment history should also be set out with your most recent employment first then worked backwards chronologically. When writing your employment history you should state the company that you were employed by, your job title, the dates that you were employed there and your responsibilities, tasks and achievements.

Including your skills and abilities are important because this is another way to gain a competitive edge among other candidates. If you have been previously skill assessed then including a copy of the results is a good idea, otherwise you should state any relevant skills that you have, anything that you are particularly good at and your familiarities with relevant computer processors and programs.

Your career objective is important because it gives a prospective employer a snapshot of where you want to be in the future and whether the job that you’re applying for would be suited to you. It also shows that you have given thought into your future career.

Including interests is optional but a good idea; this gives the prospective employer more information about you and other areas of your life where you have gained skills such as team work and commitment. Interests should include hobbies and activities that you participate in outside of work.

Referees are important because it gives a prospective employer a professional opinion of your work ethic. Under the privacy act, a prospective employer cannot contact your referees without your prior consent. Referees to be listed in your resume are to be professional references only i.e. someone who you directly worked for at a previous position.

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